This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well. today marks the beginning of month 2 in our UNIT ON TOP OF THE HILL!!!  Only 5 more to go and then it's RV TIME!!

After our tour of the RV manufacturing facility, designing the interior and signing the contract for the purchase of our RV as well as writing the check for the down payment, we both felt such joy and happiness and it certainly was a WOO-HOO moment for us!

Since arriving back in Santa Fe, I've wanted to do a painting that portrayed the visual sensation of that feeling.  Therefore, I did a very quick palette knife painting on gessoed rolled canvas that to my eyes expresses that joyful moment and for me freezes it in time.

Upon showing the painting to my DW Melissa, she agreed with the effect of the visual presentation - said she loved it - and said 'That belongs to me!!!"  So this painting is now part of her personal collection and shall reside in our RV!!

12 x 9
Painted with lots and lots of emotion, expression, joy and a heart filled with happiness.


The lady in the last row - 2nd seat in from the left - do you have a question?

Ahhhhh - very good question.  For those of you who could not hear her - she asked "What kind of a flower is that?"

My answer is "It can be any kind of flower you want it to be."

My belief is ---- visual pleasure - visual stimulation comes from within, in that being able to see into, through and around an object d'art while visualizing a story is the pleasure of the viewing process.

As I say - "An artist needs to leave unfinished portions so that the viewer is free to use their imagination to finish the presentation."

Enjoy the day my friends and let the sun shine in.

JR    :>)