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This Land is My Land


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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hello Blog Buddies,

Well, Melissa's book signing went very, very well - she sold 35 books!!!!  WOO-HOO!!!

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, the movie star Ali MacGraw (Love Story Fame) as well as many other film credits,  was going to be at the signing as she and Melissa have become friends over the past 4 years.

When I mentioned this, I heard some under tones in my audience, of "Oh Ya - I'll bet!!!  I think he is fibbing!!!"  I did not say anything as most of you know I don't like to make waves or cause a commotion ----however - that said - to those Nay Sayers - I say "feast your eyes on this Nay Sayers!!!!!"

That my friends and Nay Sayers is Ms. Ali MacGraw at the book signing today.  I met her, shook her hand and had a very nice conversation with her.  She is a very lovely and charming person.

She also bought 3 of Melissa's books!!!!

Tomorrow Melissa is going to lop off my 11 year old pony tail and give me a Buzzzzzzzz cut - or at least that is the plan - whether I show up is still in question!!

We are also going for our annual Autumn walk along Canyon Road.  Canyon Road is about 2 miles or so long and is lined with some of the most wonderful art galleries and I will add a LOT of art galleries are along this road. 
We  go down there a couple of times a year and spend a couple of hours gallery hopping and then go down to the Plaza for a nice lunch.  It's TRADITION!!!
This time we are going to Cafe' Paris - now the name implies French and yes they have some wonderful French dishes as well as other foods.  My personal favorite is the chicken burrito!!!!  It is without a doubt the best chicken burrito I have ever had - anywhere - (and I've had a lot of them)!!!!!

So I hope your Sunday will be as pleasant as ours and remember let some sunshine into your space and enjoy life.

JR  :>)