This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day of Rest

Good Evening Blog Buddies,

Well, today was sort of a day of rest for me.  My DW Melissa was working today filling in for someone at the Yoga studio.  I've been feeling sort of tired the past few days, could be allergies or I could be fighting off a cold. I think more than likely allergies as my eyes are itchy.

Sooooo I did some "GET READY FOR RV-ing" administrative tasks, took an early morning nap.  Kind of got a 2nd wind and started a painting of a still life.  I should finish it Monday - as Sunday is a day of rest - :>) I will post it when done.

While "half" napping in my recliner, I thought of a title for a painting.  This will be another "ocean/dune" scene and the title will be"

"The Tides of March"

Pretty cleaver HUH!!!  I'll let you guys think about what it might look like.

Tomorrow my DW Melissa and I are going out for breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants down on the Plaza.  Cafe' Paris  ----  as the name indicates has some very wonderful French food and they also have wonderful local New Mexican food.  For breakfast I always get the breakfast burrito and most of the time Melissa does also - although she tries other things as well.

Well, take care my friends and until next time.

JR   :>)