This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello again Blog Buddies,

Well, I think I have solved part of my ZIP problem!!!!!  My ZIP took a DIP!!!!!!

The last painting I posted "Vase with Apple" I painted waaaayyyyyyy to tightly.  The vase is screaming HELP - HELP YOU'VE PAINTED ME SO TIGHTLY I'M CHOKING!!!!!!  HELP-HELP.

Therefore I am going back into the painting perhaps with my palette knife (which I have not exercised in a while) and loosen this puppy up!!!!!   I'm going to put on my French Cafe' CD and make that vase SING!!!!

In preparation for this I've done a very, very, very - did I mention VERY quick painting of Three Oranges

8x10 on canvas panel - emotion-expression-gusto- spontaneity and all the other techniques that have made me FAMOUS!!!!!!  :>)  :>)  :>)

8X10 Canvas Panel "Three Oranges"