This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Good Afternoon Blog Buddies,

Well, I finished up the WIP from yesterday.  I need to do what I call "detail" paintings once in a while - why????  So I don't forget how to do them.  My first love is painting loosely and being just "this side" of sloppy - I like my paintings to look "painterly.'

When I take it slow and put in what I consider to be excessive DETAIL, I normally have to rest my hand for at least a day as they get all cramped up - so I am a firm believer in "LESS IS MORE"

With that said - here is the completion of the WIP from yesterday.

This is where we left off:

What I will present now is a quick visual of the various phases of completion.  There won't be a lot of JIBBER-JABBER as with cramping hand I don't type so GOOD!

The jest of this pleasant pictorial presentation will be to generate the BG, generate the FG and throw in some tweaks here and tweaks there to bring this painting to fruition -

First a few tweaks in color and shape - not very noticeable in the photos but these tweaks are visible in real life - that's where I'm at  :>).

Next I start laying in the BG with a big brush and lots of juicy paint and I also blend in darker BG color for the shadow side of the painting

Now it's time to start laying in the FG and some last minute tweaks that the presence of the BG & FG make necessary.  I always try to COLOR BLEND the BG and the FG into the colors within the Objects d' Art in the painting.  To me this ties everything together and prevents the Objects d' Art from looking PASTED onto the surface.



Some close ups for my closeup blog buddies as as I say YA GOTTA LOVE EM!!
They just love to dig into the detail and try to see

Well - tomorrow I shall rest my painting hand and let the cramps subside - besides which it is food shopping day and my weekly contribution to Sam's Club - I don't know what they would do without me!!!!

Take care my good friends and wish all the good and wonderful things in life find their way into your life.

JR  :>)