This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Slow Day

Hello Blog Buddies,

Not much going on today!  It is rather chilly here 30 degrees and a tad windy.  However that did not hold us back.  We went down to the Plaza ( we love it down there) walked around a bit - went into a few stores and galleries and stopped for a mocha at our favorite coffee shop ECCO.

To me Santa Fe is all about the Plaza.  In the center of the downtown area is a nice small park and surrounding that park are stores, shops and galleries.  There are several streets on each side of the park that are loaded with shops and galleries as well.  The best part of the Plaza area is the fact that no building is over 3 stories high and most of the buildings are old - and of the adobe style - REALLY COOL!!!

Santa Fe is a FUNKY place to live, but the Plaza to us IS Santa Fe.

Did some on-line shopping today at Camping World for some RV odds and ends - nothing expensive but small things that will be needed to keep things simple and make things easy - our motto going down the road.

I have a chance to save $350 on the tow bar that we will use to tow our new Honda Fit behind the RV - but I need a couple of pieces of information from the RV manufacturer and have not been able to get hold of him.  Off for the holiday I'm sure.  I have until Monday before the sale is over so I hope they are back to work come Monday.

Well............. my DW Melissa and I hope youse guys had a great Thanksgiving and now you can start getting ready for Christmas :>)

We are sort of vegging out this holiday weekend so perhaps back to painting come Monday.

Until next time - stay warm and stay COOL.

JR :>)