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This Land is My Land


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Monday, November 21, 2011


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well, I finished up the still life I started yesterday.  I did not take a lot of progression photos so this will be a short presentation.

I did a quick sketch onto 16 x 12 heavy linen paper and then threw in some different shades of green.

Next I did some minor tweaks to the vase - the light source is coming from the right

Time to throw some color onto the apple and start to generate the indentation where the stem would be.  On a piece of fruit such as an apple, the illusion of depth at the base of the stem location is important as it produces one spot the eye of the viewer can go to for a touch or realism within a fairly loose painting.  A mixture of realism and looseness is good and helps to retain the interest of the viewer.

At this point, the development of the BG and the FG is in order and then I can do the finishing tweaks on the vase - apple and BG & FG


For my "I gotta see detail" buddies - I present the apple and it's indentation in the area where the stem would be - except I decided not to put in a stem - for some reason I like the starkness of the indentation and a stem would detract from that making it a spot in the painting that more than likely the eye of the viewer would not immediately focus into.

You might also notice that the shape of the white highlight on the bottom portion of the indentation is pointing to the vase and acting as a pointer to direct the viewer eye to the vase

Well, I'm sort of mellow today - don't seem to have a lot of ZIP - I think perhaps allergies or fighting off a cold.  

Thanksgiving is  but a few days away and my DW - Melissa & I wish Y'all a very healthy and happy upcoming Holiday Season.

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Until next time - have a happy day.

JR  :>)