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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Good Morning Blog Buddies:

Well ---- today is house cleaning day and laundry day.  I got an early start so by 9am the house was clean and the laundry was washed - dried and folded.  DAM I"M GOOD!!!!!  :>)

I have been looking at RV parks along the beginning route of our RV Journey starting inn April.  Thus far we have book a week in San Antonio TX and need to book a week in South Carolina.  In the process of looking at Myrtle Beach - it became obvious that the closer the beach the higher the price per night!!!  Did I say "the closer the beach - the higher the price???"  HOLY CRAP - We would need a trust fund to stay at some of these places $48-$65 BUCKS a night!!!!!!  I feel dizzy!!!
Sooooooooo being the frugal people we are (nice word for cheap) I started looking at RV parks in the vicinity of Charleston SC.  We have always wanted to go there as we have seen TV specials on HGTV and WOW it looks really COOL.

Soooooooo a long story short - I have found several very nice parks about 6-10 miles from downtown Charleston SC and they range from $28.50 - $35 per night and a small discount for a weekly stay and or RV Club memberships - which we belong to a couple.  NOW I ask you why would we pay $48 and night when we could pay $35 a night---------CORRECT WE WOULD NOT!!!!  My last name is SECOR not SUCKER!!!!!

We will be staying at a lot of beaches in our travels, like 2 months ( NOV - DEC ) in Florida!  Our arrival in South Carolina will be in early May so lots of beach time is not the 1st thing on our agenda - SEEING PLACES WE'VE WANTED TO SEE IS CLOSER TO THE TOP OF OUR LIST RIGHT NOW.  We would also be close to beaches so we just hop in our Honda Fit ( 35 MPG ) and GO TO THE BEACH!!!

So instead of a $48 per night RV sight in/on Myrtle Beach we have selected a $35 RV sight 6 miles outside of Charleston SC.  I was not a very good student in school, but I do know that $13 X 7 is $91 SAVED!!!!!!  The name of the RV park is:
Oak Plantation Campground - How COOL is that I love the word PLANTATION!!

When you stop and think (which is something we all know gives me a headache) the RV park is a home base for going off in many directions during your stay.

I am also starting to look into State Parks - in Mane, NH and Texas and Florida- these can save you a lot of money depending on the rusticity of your stay.  Some have water & electricity - some also have "dump stations" where you can dispose of your waste water and materials.  Some do not have electricity.  However our RV is self-contained and we could go a week without water-sewer-electricity.  Our holding tanks will take about a week to get close to full and we have a generator.  Some of these parks are $10 a night (BIG SAVINGS) and a chance to be RUSTIC for a week!

Some RV-ers ONLY stay in State or Federal campgrounds.  For us a week here and a week there will be good as a way to keep our "Operating Budget" in check - but all the time-----------NO - I'm too much of a princess for that!!!!!  My DW Melissa could most likely do it for longer than I could but after perhaps 2 weeks she would be wanting to move on.  I think we both could do the rustic stays for much longer if the site had electricity - that's a big item.  The generator runs off the gas in the RV's gas tank and shuts off when the gas tank is 2/3's empty so you don't end up stranded.  They can be noisy and most "campgrounds" will not allow them to be run after 10pm.

OK ----- I just saw and heard the lady in the 4th row - second seat in from my left YAWN!!!!!!!  Sooooo that is my clue to stop the RV talk and perhaps go back to the painting I started yesterday.

As you can tell I'm sure ----- OK LADY I"M WINDING IT UP!!!!!!! SOME PEOPLE CAN BE SO RUDE - as I was saying --- as you can tell I'm sure
I get excited about our upcoming RV Journey and as the title of my blog says: RVPAINTER.

Later my friends.

JR  :>)