This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello Blog Buddies,

Well - yesterday sort of got away from me!  It was food shopping day, followed by my weekly donation to Sam's Club!  The charging device for my laptop stopped working so I stopped off at Staples.  They had a replacement one for $60!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!
After the clerk picked me up off the floor, he suggested that I go to Radio Shack and he was sure they had one for about $25.  Sooooooo off I went to Radio Shack - the one they had was $58!!!  HOLY CRAP AGAIN!!!  This sales clerk suggested I go on-line and look for one.  In checking on-line, I found several replacement ones for $19.95 on Amazon!!!  MAN it's a dog eat dog world out there.

Soooooo after ordering the charging device and decided to do a 5x7 winter dune scene as it was by this time late in the afternoon.

5x7 on canvas panel

I once again start out with a "winter" looking sky

The sky and the ocean are painted in with my big TVH brush ( I love that brush ) I use the full width of the brush to put in nice long strokes of color and then just using the tip of the edge of the brush I put in the hints of waves and hints of "surfs up dude!"

I then blend the ocean somewhat down into the area where the dunes shall reside.

Using just my fan brush I slap in the dune foliage.  I say slap because I use mostly upward strokes and there are times that I just hold the brush flat and "SLAP" it against the surface.  This gives a semi jagged grass look and adds to the lack of detail but yet enough detail to recognize the taller grasses.

All that's left to do is some refining (tweaking) and some snow shadow and this puppy should be done.



A fellow artist up on a bog that I display some of my work on suggested that I do a large Dune piece so the visual impact would be more dramatic.  I shall consider doing that perhaps tomorrow.

Well----as most of you know after having a pony tail for the best part of 12 years, a couple of weeks ago my DW Melissa and I went out and bought a professional barber clipper and ------


This is something I wanted to do as once we get into the RV life, I just will not be wanting to FUSS with my hair every morning :>)

I am happy to say that I'm glad I did this - it feels really good - a tad chilly on a cold day but - that's what hats are for!!!  My DW used a 1/4 inch cutting attachment on the clipper and after two weeks I need another hair cut ---- well I actually need all of them cut!!!
Sooooo today my DW will once again run the clippers up-down-across and all around my head - this time we will try the 1/8 inch cutting attachment and try and get it to the length that will only require a monthly hair(s) cut!!!

Enjoy the day my friends and if you get a chance - open a door for someone today - it's a nice thing to do - it will make the both of you smile --- and that's a good thing.

JR  :>)