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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello Blog Buddies,

Today being Wednesday, it is laundry day and I got that out of the way nice and early. While the clothes are in the dryer and the second load in the washer, I brought that vim & vigor into my studio and started throwing paint around with wild abandonment - sort of like throwing caution to the wind but this is much more on the messy side!!!  :>)

However, that said - since I was in a BLUE mood yesterday I decided I needed to do a BLUE ( 4 different colors of BLUE used) painting and include the last of the oranges before the fruit flies carry them and ME away!!

This painting is done on 8x10 canvas panel with of course Chroma Interactive Acrylics - using palette knife and my "stubby" brush - ( I used to call it a stiffy - but the rating committee suggested I change it ) wet into wet with gusto and lots of emotion - expression - spontaneity)  in color and form.  This is a fun painting with sassy splashes of color!!

OK let's (me) begin!

Before we (I) begin, I'll digress for a moment - AHA------ GOT YA!!!!  I'm only kidding so just come back into the room lady and sit down!!!!!

First I throw some paint onto the canvas as is normal in doing a painting :>)  I'm merely establishing a "road map" - which we should all be familiar with by now and I'm also establishing color and shape.

Of course using my palette knife and my "stubby" brush this painting is going to go quickly - HEY - GET BACK HERE AND SIT DOWN I'M NOT DONE YET!!!!!  GEEEZZZZZ I'M NOT THAT FAST!!!

Detail for the detailed hungry buddies.  - Now I shall start building is some shadows, which of course as a result develops some of the light areas.

See how that happens - put in some dark and the light will come!

I continue on with shadow areas.  With the light coming from the right, the left sides will be in shadow and objects adjacent to each other will cast shadows onto their neighbor.
The rest of this painting will go quickly as I can't stop as often to take progression photos when using a palette knife - one has to go quickly and softly.

Time to throw in an apple and generate the little "thingies" where the oranges attached to the tree.  I don't know what they are called, however, that said we hope to go to Florida for a visit the winter (visit some very nice friends) and I'll make sure I find out the answer to the (THINGIES)

I add some reflection of the oranges and apple onto the side of the vase - if I may be permitted to say so I think that is one hell of a touch that livens up this still life.  Lots of folks forget about reflected color - NOT ME!!!

OK - time to start adding BG - FG - with movement (we all know I like movement in my FG's - it reduces the boredom of a still life and makes it a moving life!!
Hang on as this painting will be wrapped up in a few more photos - besides which it's getting time for my lunch!!! :>)

We're getting there - well actually youse guys are just watching - I'll DOING ALL THE WORK!!!

OK - we ( I ) have completion!!!!