This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, August 15, 2011


Hi Blog Buddies,

Not too much going on today - I cleaned the house because it's Monday - GOD I'm BORING!!!!!!!

We may get an offer on the house today - I hope it is not another LOW BALL offer!!  These folks seem serious and according to our broker the broker for the buyer is a knowledgeable broker and understands the market in our community or Ranch Viejo.

The RE market in Santa Fe is still pretty much in the toilet so we are lucky to have someone who is interested and MAY perhaps submit a bid.  Of course it cold take all day to have the bid submitted to OUR broker.  Brokers love to play cat & mouse - they wait until 5pm to submit bids and then insist on a reply NLT 5pm 24 hours later.  I think buying/selling RE could be so much easier if the brokers just did away with the EGO trips and got off the "I'm smarter than you" train - which IMHO is a dumb way to do business.  If the brokers would let the seller and buyer talk things out, I'm sure things would go much smoother and there would be more sales and less people walking away from the table.

Sooooooo TWT - time will tell

No painting today as my mind is someplace else so we'll have to see how today goes and if we get an offer and we can reach an agreeable price - shortly thereafter we will be packing 24/7 OR as we like to say 31.  :>)  

This being the case, it will most likely be close to 2 months before I paint again!  :>(

Sooooo my Blog Buddies I will report in tomorrow and let you know if we received an offer and where it stands.

Later Dudes  :>)