This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well, here it is Sunday and my DW has gone off to the Yoga Studio to work - filling in for someone else.  We have the home inspector coming Monday afternoon for what I'm told is a 3 - 4 hour inspection.  They do not like the owners to be present during the inspection so my DW and I shall go to our favorite coffee shoppe in the area of the Santa Fe Plaza - called ECCO and get a Mocha and a treat.  They make the best Mocha in all of Santa Fe!!!

Today I will clean the house and on Monday before the inspector comes I shall spot clean - although the home inspector really does not care about my pristine housework - but alas it does make for a better overall appearance!!!  :>)

Of course Murphy's Law is starting to kick in as we woke up this morning to NO HOT WATER!!!!!!  I'm hoping it is just the circulation pump and not the water heater itself!!!!  I will not be able to get a service call until Tuesday or Wednesday so our home inspection starts with one noted problem right at the git/go!!

When we moved from Arizona to Santa Fe 4 years ago, the dishwasher in our 7 year old Arizona home DIED - DEAD AS A DOOR-NAIL!!!  We of course had to go buy a new on and of course the BUYER was very pleased!!!!!

 US???? NOT SO MUCH!!!  :>(

Alas this is the way of the world - so we smile and say OK - let's get whatever is wrong fixed and move another step forward to the completion of the sale of our home!  Smile on faces - step by step in a forward direction!  :>)  :>)

So a busy day cleaning the adobe and if time permits I may just may play with a painting or do some sketching for another day.

Smiles on faces - step by step in a forward direction.....................................
Smiles on faces - step by step in a forward direction.....................................

:>)              :>) 
JR                         MELISSA (DW)