This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well - not doing much painting - just sort of packing and waiting!!!  Did you ever notice that we spend a large portion of our life WAITING???  There are times in our live that we become "LINE EXTENDERS"  Just standing in line waiting our turn for whatever!!!

Can't pack too much as when the appraisal is done we want the house to look nice and not look empty!!!  The home inspection will be this Monday - 3-4 hours in duration and they request the owner not be present!

In anticipation of the move around the end of September, we rented a one bedroom "UNIT" in Santa Fe. My DW, Melissa likes to accuse me of being a "princess!"  Well I will admit that I like my comfort and a moderate degree of elegance in my surroundings!  What we rented as I say is a one bedroom "UNIT" on top of a hill AKA THE UNIT ON TOP OF THE HILL!!!!  It will only be for 6 months and then it will be onto full time RV-ing (more on that later.)

When we left the rental office I said to my DW - "This is not where a princess lives!!!"

However that said - it is clean, comfortable - enough space for two - some space for me to paint and it's only for 6 months!!!!

Monday we are going to check on a storage unit 10x15 or 15x20 as we plan on keeping most of our furnishings (although we would like to sell many of them) however time is not on our side!  Once the appraisal is done (no date yet) we will only have a week or so to get moved out so obtaining a storage unit NOW is necessary.

Exciting times but also stressful times as neither of us deal well with the uncertain or unknown.  Once the home inspection and appraisal are completed with favorable success, we will be more at ease - although the QUICK moving out will not be enjoyable.

We keep our eye on our upcoming RV adventure which keeps us in very good spirits.

As I say more on the RV business in future posting.

For now my friends - I wish you all well and I'LL BE BACK!!!!

JR...................   :>)