This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, August 12, 2011


Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello Blog Buddies,

Well today is a beautiful day - blue sky and sunshine and it was nice and cool out early this morning 63 degrees.  So up to the Sangre de Christo mountains I went -they are about 20 minutes from our house.

I decided I wanted to do a landscape for a change of pace so off I went.

Did you know that we on average New Mexico gets sunshine 9 out of 10 days?  YEP - trust me that is truth!!!  You'd think there would be a lot - I mean a LOT OF FRIGGIN solar power here!  Nope - New Mexico sort of lives by the "TOMORROW" rule - but alas - tomorrow never comes!  Did you know that New Mexico has a very poor school system?  YEP that is truth!!!  I just read last week that New Mexico has had such a low rating the past many years that they decided to appoint a committee to determine what can be done!  Remember the "leave no kid behind" program that was going to save our country from producing dumb kids?  Well new Mexico misunderstood that program , cut the school budgets and adopted a program of "leave dumb kids behind!"  Did you know that New Mexico has the 2nd highest crime rate in the USA?  YEP - truth again!!!  Nevada is first!!  The Sangre de Christo mountains are soooooooo thick with tree growth - they really should be thinned out - but alas no money in the budget for that - we send it all overseas!!  New Mexico figures the wild fires will thin out the forests so why bother - it's easier that way!

Did you know our house is for sale????

OK -OK I'm getting to the painting!!!  You folks forget I CAN HEAR YOU!!!!

10 x 8 on canvas panel done plein air this very  morning.

I start out with the pines and also throw some white paint in to identify the aspens and their approximate location.  The pines need to be highly textured as they are in real life.
Following is a close up of the texture detail.

The rest will go fast - as I say I'm using a palette knife and to be honest it took longer to drive up to the mountain than it took to do the painting!!
When I say QUICK - I MEAN LIKE I'M DONE!!!!!!


Some detail for the detailed inclined

I'm grumpy today - so time for a NAP!!!!