This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, August 19, 2011



It's HAPPY-HAPPY JR BACK AGAIN!!!!  As I mentioned in the previouse post, I was going into my studio - turn up the music and create!  One thing most artists will tell you is:

#1 you need to like the subject you are painting to do it justice
#2 if you are happy and carefree the paint will flow in a happy & carefree manner

I think you will be able to see free flowing happiness in the following WIP as it is what I felt during this work in process  (WIP)  Liberation from evil forces is a wonderful thing!

OK onward and forward.  11 x 14 on canvas panel done with my "stubby" large brush and a abundance of happiness - emotion - expression and spontaneity of color and form.

First a quick sketch although I'm a firm believer in going outside the lines!!!  Those of you with kids if you teach them nothing else, teach them it is OK to going outside the lines - lines restrict creativity and impose rules that stifle the joy of doing.

Red-----because red is a power color!!

Now I will add some color into the fruit and some shadow color - light is coming from the right - which of course is my favorite side - my brain thinks right to left although I most always start the painting from the left - that is so I won't get my hand in the wet paint!  :>)
See how smart I am!  (It took me a while to learn this!!!)

I rarely if ever use Magenta - however I love the word Maaaa Geeen Taaaa
This is even better because it is Quinacridone Maaa Geeen Taaaa!!
It is a very sexy word!!!

Now I will do some deepening of color - shadows and a general tweaking of various parts of the painting.
I hope to finish this today but perhaps not.  Tomorrow will be dedicated to the Indian Market festivities and walking amongst my people.

This is the extent of my effort thus far and when I finish this up I will post it for you guys.

I would love to know if any of you folks can see the free flowing happiness (which I call FULUDITITY.  This is a JR word - try to use it in a sentence today :>)
Later my friends---------------------------------------