This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, August 19, 2011



Well JR is one very, very happy person this morning - so much in fact that if I were any happier I would have to be TRIPLETS as this much HAPPINESS is almost too much for one person.

We ( DW and her DH - which is me ) took back CONTROL of our lives and it was a very liberating feeling of personal freedom!  We have been plagued with LOW BALL offers on our home from less than good intentioned people.  When you couple this with people of this class who also seem to have a less than good intentioned RE broker, it just becomes too much.  We totally refused the LOW BALL offer and in fact did not even respond with a counter offer.  Our counter offer was NO & GO AWAY!

We do not have to sell our home - we WANT to so we can buy our RV and begin a new phase of our life.  We have accepted the fact that this may not happen this year and we are fine with that.  There is no rush and we can sit in our beautiful home - enjoy our beautiful mountain views and wait until the time is right.  In the meantime WE have taken back CONTROL OF LIFE and these folks and no other folks will be allowed to try and control our future ever again.

That said - this weekend there is a wonderful happening in Santa Fe.  The ANNUAL INDIAN MARKET.  Most of you know that I'm part Native American and for those of you who do not know this - I Am AND DAM PROUD OF IT!  Indian market is comprised of 100's of Native American artists - very well known and collected artists, exhibiting jewelry, paintings, pottery and almost every other form of art we know.  These people are so very talented and I think one of the nicest things is they are very humble - polite and just plain nice.

It will be just wonderful to walk amongst my people again.

They come from all over the USA as well as Canada.  They belong to many different NA Nations. 

One of my dreams is to go up onto the 2nd MESA in Arizona and live for 1 year with the Hopi Nation.  I would paint every day and would love to learn pottery as I have this inner feeling that I would create beautiful pottery.  We visited the 2nd MESA for 2 days and it is an experience that I have and never will forget.

I think my biggest reason for wanting our RV adventure is to be out there in the world with the freedom to travel and see and experience all the wonderful sites - sounds and to be one with the earth.

Well, this very, very happy - liberated person is going into his studio - turn on some very loud music and CREATE!!!!