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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well-------today is a very special day!!!  It's laundry day but that is not what is special about today!!!  Today I have some potentially very, very good news and some potentially temporary bad news.

First the good news because this is about my DW and her DH (that would be me - the Darling Husband!)

We received an offer on our house which has been for sale during the past almost 7 months.  We did not accept the offer - but did counter the offer with our offer.  The PB (potential buyer) accepted our counter offer ------ so our home is under contract!!!! :>)

We still have the home inspection and the appraisal to go thru so we are still sort of on the real estate roller coaster as nothing is over until the fat lady sings!

The PB from Washington state has asked for an end of September closing - which is good with us as well.  Very exciting times for us.

Now the potentially bad news!!!  :>(

We have a lot of packing to do and really can't start the bulk of it until we kinow the home inspection and the appraisal have been completed and with favorable results and the sale is going forward.

However that said - I've been packing our "EXTRA STUFF" for a while now and will continue to do so.  You know - all the STUFF one has hiding in the closets - in the cabinets - in the garage - in the back of the car - under the bed ----- that may have been used once in the past year or so!!!!!

Sooooooo my painting frequency will be downgraded somewhat and when the OK TO PACK FULL FORCE order is issued - my painting frequency will STOP for at least 2 months, as we move and get settled once again!!!  Have no fear MY PAINTING WILL START AGAIN WITH FULL FORCE - AND THE VIM AND VIGOR OF A YOUNG MAN!!!

As I've mentioned in the past painting is a way of life for me and I can not even imagine not painting!!!

I will keep you folks updated on the sale process.  Once the sale goes thru, I will continue to update you on our plans as to the purchase of our RV!!!!


:>)                    :>)

JR   &    DW - MELISSA

Later my friends..............  :>)