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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Good Morning Blog Buddies!

Well, my DW, Melissa and her DH (that's me) will be going through a lot of changes under the assumption that our house will in fact be sold - based on the outcome of the home inspection and the appraisal.  I used to be against CHANGE - it knocked my whole system off - being the creature of habit that I am - a certain day for me to do certain things - week after week after friggin week!!!!!.  House cleaning always on Monday - food shopping always on Tuesday, laundry always on Wednesday.  Over our 30+ years together I've loosened up a tad - but no where near enough.  Over the past few years I've improved somewhat more but certainly have further to go!  I have to say that I find myself BORING!!!!!

Well ----- being of sound mind (I think), I'm going to try and go through a change in my painting habits and somewhat of a change in my technique.  How long this will last is another story as I say - I get bored with myself!!!!  :>)

There is a style of painting that has piqued my interest over the past few months and that style is called CHIAROSCURO.  AH-HA a new word for the day - please try to use it in a sentence as most of you out there could use some IMPROVING as well!!!

The lady over in the corner wants to know what it means - normally I would say "go look it up and write it 25 times!"  However I'm not going to do that today as I just had to go look it up for myself!!!!!

In Italian it refers to the LIGHT/DARK relationship within a painting.

In French it refers to "the prominent contrast of light & shade"

Same meaning - however WE French like to sex it up a bit!!!!

This is a work in process as it is the very first one I've done and me being me I just jump in a do it so I'm sure it will be MY INTERPRETATION of CHIAROSCURO as I feel it within my emotional - expressive style.  Soooooo I guess at best it will be

No-one can ever accuse my of fitting the MOLD!!

Since this is a WIP, I will explain my beginning and then show the progression photos.

First I paint an 8 x 10 canvas panel with a good even coat of black (this being the dark)

Then with brush in hand I quickly draw in the shape of my subject which in this case will be one of my favorite - PEARS.

I then with my special self-designed stubby (AKA stiffy) brushes apply paint with my normal emotion and expression with the freedom of free-flowing arm movement.

As most of you can remember I'm sure as I know you pay attention and hang on my every word --------- YA RIGHT!!!!  I designed some brushes that I use in a very similar manner as palette knives - with the exception they do not cause my arthritis to flare up and I achieve some texture with visible brush marks - which can actually identify a specific painter.

So the next few photos will depict what I have explained above and this WIP will be developed over the next day or so.

Our Broker just called and he is stopping by for us to sign some piece of paper ------ I'm too old to have children so it can't be a document signing over our first born to him!!!

Now we have "the prominent contrast of light & dark ----- as WE French like to say!!
Damn I'm getting pretty good at this painting crap -
GOOD JOB JR!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for further progression and completion.