This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, December 26, 2011

18 x 24 Dune Series

Yo Blog Buddies,

Well I hope Santa was good to everyone - I made sure I put in a good word for all youse guys!!

This is where we left off the other day with my requested larger 18 x 24 Dune Series painting.

The processes left to be done ( or is that dune ) :>)

I need to create some sort of a beach and dunes in the foreground as well as the grasses that are found on the dunes and blowing in the breeze caused by the wave action in the ocean.

So I start by literally throwing some paint onto the FG area using a big brush.

Humps - Bumps - Dips all suggest the perhaps wind swept sand on the dune area

Following close up gives a better view of the texture to the sand surface

This part of the painting moves along very quickly as I'm using a big brush and lots of paint with spontaneity in brush strokes - nothing planned - just slap it onto the surface.


Once again, the grasses where done using my fan brush as where the indications of "wind swept" sand on the very FG of the beach.

A couple of close-ups for my very attentive buddies - ( I was nicely reprimanded for using the work ANAL) So I have agreed not to use the word ANAL again in my postings - although as with painting, when I'm writing my blog I'm not doing a lot of thinking or pre-planning so it is quite possible that the word ANAL might appear in future blog postings and perhaps the last thing on my mind is to use of not use the word ANAL - however that said and I just said it I will try very hard not to use the word ANAL again and I may even become ANAL about its use.  :>) 

OK  ATTENTIVE BUDDIES (see, I remembered not to use ANAL)
here are a couple of close ups so you can say "How he do dat?"