This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well - Good Morning Blog Buddies,

WHEW!!!!!!-----------  The snow has moved out of the Santa Fe area - we ended up with maybe 2 inches where we live.  HOWEVER parts (north-east) sections of the State had BLIZZARD conditions, with the 2 interstates I-25 closed just north of Santa Fe and I-40 closed down to the Texas border - with upwards to two feet of blowing snow.

WHEW - we dodged the bullet - thank goodness!!!

The sun is out here - the sky is mostly blue and the temperature is 25 degrees at present.
Today being Tuesday, I cleaned the TINY UNIT and did 2 loads of laundry - and that is all folded and most of it put away.

Soooooo that being said --- and I just said it ------- the rest of the day belongs to
ME-ME-ME  :>)

Going to do another QUICKIE today to perhaps get my painting arm in shape for a larger painting - TWT - Time Will Tell.

This painting is 5 x 7 on canvas panel done with gusto - spontaneity and no pre-planning of dis & dat - spontaneity is the operative word here!

I establish a rather accurate horizon line in its straightness and its position on the canvas.  Where is the horizon line NOT suppose to go?  The lady in the 4th row middle seat who is waving her hand like it is on FIRE!!!!  What say Ye woman??
CORRECT-------- the horizon line cannot go in the exact middle of the height of the surface and WHY is that???/  HEY you had a turn - anyone else?  OK the guy in the front row - first seat on my left - what say Ye dude???  CORRECT----- because it will cut the painting surface in HALF and that would -------- RIGHT ------ SUCK!

Sooooo begins "Dunes At The Start Of Dusk"
5 x 7 Canvas Panel

Horizon line in place time for some color applied with quickness - wet into wet

Time to throw in some additional color - indications of slight white clouds and some blue of the sky still peaking through

OK some more tweaks to the sky and the introduction of the ocean as well as the reflections of the setting sun in the sky as well as the land mass

OK the remaining processes to be done are the creation of the FG and the dune grasses - once again as with the other Dune paintings, a big brush was used for the creation of the painting up to this point.  The grasses and shore will be done with a Fan Brush - very quickly wet into wet with sharp crisp movements on the fan brush in upward motions - almost "stabbing" type strokes.
I've also tried to indicate some "Rip Tide" movements in the placement of the waves thereby giving both movement and a suspenseful visual of the on-coming dusk.
Viewers familiar with the movements of the ocean will perhaps notice this and it will present a chance for their eyes to finish the scene with their interpretation of the on-coming dusk.

OK for my anal pesky Blog Buddies ---- some closeups to try and show
"How he do dat?"