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This Land is My Land


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Monday, December 19, 2011


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well New Mexico is under a severe storm warning and parts of NM are under a BLIZZARD warning.  Very unusual weather for New Mexico but I guess our overall lack of concern for the environment is starting to catch up with us.  The Santa Fe area is forecast to get 4-6 inches of snow which is not normal. 

We originally had plans of picking up our RV this past October and heading directly to Florida for the winter months.  However we felt in order to properly market and promote Melissa's novel it would be better to stay here in Santa Fe to do so.  This marketing and promotion has taken a lot of time and effort on Melissa's part and some assistance on my part.  Soooooooo instead of sitting on a beach right now with our toes in the ocean we find ourselves waiting for 4 - 6 inches of snow to pile up!!  :>(

That's OK as with each little snow flake that comes down we know that this is our last snowy/cold winter.  Soooooo "let it snow-let it snow-let it snow!!"

It does not appear that my DW Melissa will go into the Yoga studio today so we will work on a few RV Journey administrative issues and also go over our RV BUDGET.  There are a lot of monetary factors to consider when RV-ing.  A budget is needed and staying within that budget when on a fixed income is of course very important.  RV PARK rental is a big item and there are only certain ways one can reduce that cost.
Boondocking is one way - this is where one stays in state/federal parks for a very reduced fee - the fee is reduced because there are little if any of the modern conviences found in RV PARKS.  Normally there is no electrical - water - sewer provided.  Our RV will be self-contained in that we will have a generator and can generate our own electricity and our "holding tanks" will let us be self-sufficient for about 1 week at a time and then some "tank emptying" will be needed.  We really are not the RUSTIC types and could maybe do this for a week at the most.  One can tend to save about $20-$25 per nite in these parks compared to the rental costs in RV PARKS where all the conviences are provided as part of your rent for your space.

Other ways to save are to stay in ONE NIGHT STOP OVERS" in parking lots at WALMART - SAM'S CLUB - and other establishments who allow "OVER-NIGHT RV PARKING."  Again no "services" are provided but it is only for one night.

One can reduce the cost of RV PARK rental by selecting a sight with only partial services - such as only electricity.  Our RV will have a fresh water tank of 40 gallons which with conservation should last us the best part of a week.  Our other holding tanks for grey water/black water would last at least 4 days.  Most RV PARKS have "dumping stations" so every 4 days or so we would be able to dump our tanks.

These limited services sites on average are about $10 per night cheaper than full service sites.  So a one week stay with limited services could save at least $50 o week.

There is also a practice referred to as "BOONMOOUCHING"  This is where you stay for a night or two or three in the driveway of a VERY GOOD FRIEND!!!!  Most homes have exterior electric plugs - there is a product called a "DOG BONE" which in our case will take our 30 amp electrical requirement and reduce it down to 15 amps thereby letting us plug into a house exterior outlet.  This will give limited electrical service but certainly enough to use the lights in the RV as well as keep the "HOUSE BATTERIES" charged.
This brings up another RV component - that of 12 volt DC power.  We will have a battery bank of 2 "HOUSE BATTERIES" which will allow us to use all those components controlled by the 12 volt system.  This would be things such as the water pump so we can use our stored fresh water supply for showers etc. Making a 2-3 night stay in the "BOONMOOCHING" mode possible.  This can save upwards to $35-$40 per night.  As I say you would need a "VERY GOOD FRIEND" to allow you to park in their driveway.

Additionally the cost of a full week at an RV PARK is at a reduce rate normally 7 nights will equate to the cost of 6 nights - so one can realize a $30 - $40 weekly savings.
This works for us as we plan on staying in most RV PARKS for 1 - 2 - 3 weeks and this of course will result in a savings on GAS which can be a big expense.  Our gas tank will be 55 gallons and at say $3.00 - $3.50 or so a gallon - WOW - lots of $$$$$$'s to fill up and at 8 - 10 miles per gallon DOUBLE WOW _ LOTs of  FILLUPS if you drive every day!!!!  So staying put will save money - I look at it as the RV equavilant of "CAR POOLING!!!"

Our planned interary has us staying some places for 3 weeks to a month!!!!
Our new Hondda Fit that will be in tow behind our RV gets on average 30-32 miles per gallon and will be our transportation while the RV is parked.
So, as I say lots to think about budget wise as with a home without wheels so careful planning and monitering is required.

YAWN-YAWN OK OK I hear y'all - BORING-BORING-BORING I know but perhaps some of you guys are interested  -   We'll see what the day brings and perhaps I will do some sketching and painting TWT  (Time Will Tell)

Until next posting - have a good day and enjoy yourself and others.

JR  :>)