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This Land is My Land


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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hello Blog Buddies,

Well my DW Melissa is off to the Yoga studio to get setup for the workshop that she is teaching today.  It's important to have all the props set up ahead of time, so class time is not wasted on getting prepared.  There are bolsters - blankets, mats and all kinds of props for ease and comfort that are used.  This workshop is of the "Restorative" type and of course my DW tried out some of the poses on me last nite and I must say I felt restored and very rested afterwards!!!  This stuff really works!!!!

I think I've mentioned before that I suffered from leg cramps and foot arch cramps at night - OR - I DID suffer from these, to the point that I sometimes would be awake most of the night with very painful cramps.   My DW Melissa started me out on a program of Yoga stretches and I have to say that as long as I do these stretches let's say 5 out of seven nights - I DO NOT GET ANY CRAMPS!!!  If I get lazy and stop doing these stretches for a week or two (and that does happen) the night time cramps start up again!!  I was a Doubting Thomas but now I'm converted - it REALLY WORKS!!!  WOO - HOO YOGA!!!

Welllllll to occupy my day, I've decided to do a QUICKIE" painting which for the most part will be done in overall paint time of 15 minutes or less.  Paint time meaning I may stop during the painting process to let some passages of the piece dry a tad as I'm working wet into wet and the fear is that it is easy to create the 'DREADED MUD!!!!"  That is something we do not want as the painting will  be dull and lifeless - in other words a DULL PIECE OF CRAP-O-LA!!!  :>)
Paint will be applied with gusto and spontaneity with little regard for form, shape, exact color - these are my "loosening up" pieces done quickly and with fluidity in stroke and arm motion.

Sooooooo let's begin:

OK I reach for a color - BAM--- I pick up a tube of orange so oranges it will be - so I gather up 2 more tubes of various shades of orange, as well as three shades of blue ---- the compliment of orange.  I take the caps off all 6 tubes of paint - I know I've mentioned B4 that I do not use a palette.  I use what I call "squeeze and scoop"
I gather my paint onto my brush or palette knife by squeezing the tube of paint and scooping some from the tube - it's how I paint - I've never used a palette.  The main reason I don't - is because - I look at the function of a palette as a place you put dabs of paint and the surface of the palette is for MIXING the paint.  Welllllllll I do not squeeze out a bunch of colors in some sort of sequence as I rarely know what exact colors I will be using as spontaneity is part of my style - also I NEVER mix colors - I BLEND them directly on the surface upon which I'm painting on.  If you for example BLEND 2 or 3 colors together directly on the surface, this all but eliminates the chance of the "DREADED MUD"  as well as BLENDING allows all the colors blended to show through - a much better presentation of color - lively, fresh and invigorating - not BORING as with MIXING color.

OK enough with the digression-------------- time for some color onto the vase and the oranges.  I'm not showing the progress of this as I'm painting so fast that stopping to take photos would be counter-productive.

A close up to show some of the "IMPLIED" detail of shadow areas - light coming from the viewer left.  I did this because it allows me to have shadow on the right sides of the oranges as well as cast shadow up onto the pot as well as cast shadow onto the surface the oranges sit on.  Sort of allowing for a maximum of shadow from the direction of the light source as well as cast shadows.   This should produce a more dramatic LIGHT/DARK pattern to the painting.


Some tweaks will be needed here and there but I'll let it dry somewhat first as the paint is very juicy and wet - Ya gotta know when to hold em and when to fold em!!!
This as a round cylinder vase and actually with no color at all as it is clear glass.  I've used it many times in still life work and each time I change the color. 
The painting is 8 x 8 on canvas panel - actual paint time was 11 minutes and my WAIT time was approx. 7 minutes.


JR  :>)