This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

Well, in addition to Jeb (the TX cowboy) another Blog Buddy from San Antonio TX has offered to help us setup the RV and give us some training in the use of all the RV systems if needed.  Boy I have to tell Ya - I have Blog Buddies in every State and while some of them are not RV-er's they certainly are friendly!

An excerpt from the email I got:

Yo JR,

I see you and your DW Melissa are headed for San Antonio Texas come this May - if Y'all need any help setting up your RV ( I read your blog where y'all said it was your first one,) I have some friends who are in the RV biz and will give y'all some free instruction.

Just let me know.


Now I have to say that Texans are real neighborly - my DW thought Jeb was real kind to help us if needed - she thought he was a real cute cowboy - I didn't see it - but that's just my opinion.  :>)

OK - onto the serious projects of the day:

Being Sunday, we will take things slow - do some computer work in the morning over coffee and toasted sourdough bread with low sugar strawberry jam - Ya gotta love it!
Later this morning I will at least start a painting and see how far it progresses.
The weatherman last night said the wind would die down and the temps would rise substantially to spring like weather.

Welllllll - at 8 am it is 23 degrees and the gusts of wind are what I would call unacceptable!  So much for the value of all these weather satellites up there mucking up our universe!

We hope to go for a nice long brisk walk today and stop by Canyon Road (art district) and go in and out of the galleries - one of the Plaza galleries a favorite of mine just relocated to Canyon Road and has opened after renovating the space.  I'd like to check that one out to see the changes.

So until I post next - which I hope will be a completed painting - stay warm if you live in the "frigid wilds" as we do and keep a smile on your face and pleasant thoughts in your heart and today will be a great day.

JR   :>)