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This Land is My Land


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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Just a short post this morning as it is Sunday and that for the most parts tends to be a DAY OFF!!!!

Melissa's friend Jenise had her back operated on yesterday and all seemed to go well.
Next is the issue of her ribs - it turns out that she does not have 5 broken ribs she has

17 BROKEN RIBS  - OMG!!!!!!

Some of the ribs due to the crash are also "moved" and are OVER one another!!

I can not imagine the amount of pain she is in and I'm sure will be in for quite a while.  In a few days they are going in to repair and MOVE her ribs back where they belong as well as install some kind of steel plate to protect the ribs.

Needless to say Jenise will be accumulating $100,000 of dollars of medical bills and she is without any medical insurance.

I had mentioned that the Yoga Community has a goal of accumulating $10,000 to help Jenise with her rent - food - etc until she can get back on her feet - which seems that it will be a long time!  Jenise will be sent to Albuquerque for extensive Rehab. 

Thus far the Yoga Community has raise just over $5,000 to help.

Count your blessings my friends - I certainly am!

Until next post - take care my friends.

JR    :>)