This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

Well it's Tuesday again and most of us know what that means!


Both of which I am happy to say are DONE!!!!!!!

Sort of a quiet day today - some minor packing of both long term storage items as well as items to be transferred to the RV.  After this I will watch my RV videos again as repetition is reinforcement - and old people need that!!!  :>)

The systems - electrical - water are very much different then those of our houses - or as RV-ers call them Sticks & Bricks.  They also need way more maintenance than the same systems in our S&B's.  Most people do not realize that driving along the highway in an RV has it bumps and shaking and shimming and turning and stopping etc etc. So things can loosen up and not work correctly or on occasion break!  Sooooo when stopped and parked at your destination there are checks that need to be done to help eliminate these possible problems.

I have a weekly list as well as a monthly list of "PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROJECTS" for me and Melissa to do.  Melissa wants to learn all the IN & OUT procedures for our RV - this will help in these projects getting done quicker and we will both share in the responsibility - team work!!!!

Speaking of which the donations for Jenise ( car accident friend of Melissa's ) has almost exceed $11,000!!!!!!  Talk about TEAM WORK!!!!!!

Some people think living in a motorhome is VACATION!!!!!  Wellllll for the first 3 - 4 months it will be but after that it is just a different life style in a different type of home that needs to be maintained as does a S&B.

Well until next time - hope Y'all are in good health - good spirts and good fortune.

JR    :>)