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This Land is My Land


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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Applying for gun permit

Well - once again I have to say that CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!

Turned the TV on this morning and every channel has the message


WELLLLLLLL - once again Qwest (now CENTURY LINK) has discontinued our TV service - INSTEAD OF ON APRIL 1 AS REQUESTED!!!!!!

My DW is on the phone again trying to get it squared away and it seems as tho they are not sure how to turn it back on again - I guess the real STUPID people work on the weekends.

This is getting to be very, very frustrating - the C/S Rep who turned the service back on a couple of days ago promised us it would not happen again until APRIL 1 and she re- verified that the date of disconnect was correct.

Today the C/S Rep verified that the disconnect date on our order is APRIL 1!

My DW of course asked "How could it be disconnected before APRIL 1?"

The simple (and I mean SIMPLE) answer was "I Don't know!"

Did you ever notice that once you decide to leave an area - All kinds of CRAP starts to happen which makes you very glad you are LEAVING!!!

I'm not on the phone as I do not have the patience for CRAP like this and would not be a very pleasant person to talk with.  The fact is most C/S Reps have no idea what they are talking about - they merely work from a pre-printed script that may or may not cover your problem and if the script does not cover your problem they merely LIE to you as to the cause of your problem.  They suggest such stupid things as unplug the unit - count to ten and then plug it in again. 

Soooooo the saga continues!  It does not look like they will be able to restore our service today - they know how to shut it off but do not know how to turn it back on.