This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well, yesterday was a lost day for me!

It was food shopping day and errand day!  To top that out, we have a really nice "scatter" rug that thank goodness is machine washable.  Soooooo off to the laundromat I had to go as I needed to use a large commercial machine to wash and dry the rug.

Going to a local laundromat here in Santa Fe is quite an experience - Santa Fe is a mecca for some rather strange yet seemingly pleasant people.  I believe one could spend the day in a laundromat or better yet sitting on a bench in the park on the Plaza and it would be a full day of entertainment.  I'm sure all cities have these happenings.

We bought our rug locally in Santa Fe and it is called A Happy Rug."  From the photo below, I think you can see that it is a "A Happy Rug!"  We love the colors in it and this will come with us in the RV.  The think the colors will be outstanding with the dark cherry wood cabinets.  It is hand made from remnants of Pendleton rugs.  The artist who makes these buys the remnants directly from Pendleton.  Very unusual and it will travel with us.


Soooooo by the time I was done - the day was done!

Today we've got a few things to get down to the RV STORAGE BUNKER and then we hope go for a nice long brisk walk around the Plaza.

We managed to sell our 42" LED Sony TV and that will be picked up on 3/31.

We are also giving our pillow top mattress, box spring and queen bed frame to Jenise (our friend who was in a very bad car accident.)  She is home from the hospital now and really needs a soft comfortable bed.

Things are working our quite well for our moving out of our TINY UNIT on 3/31 - off to the local Best Western PLUS for a few days and then our flight to Elkhart Indiana to pickup our new home.

Soooooo my friends until next time - enjoy the day - enjoy your life and count your blessings - we all have them - sometimes they don't jump out and hit us up side the Head so some times we forget to be thankful.

JR   :>)