This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good Morning

Yo my friends,


We sold our 40" LCD HDTV and those folks will pick that up this morning.  We will clean our way out of the TINY UNIT and then head to the local Best Western Plus.  We stay there for Sat - Sun - Mon and then Tuesday 4/3 move to an airport hotel in Albuquerque for one night and fly out to Indiana on 4/4.  WOO-HOO!!!!!!!

Not too much more to do before our flight - will do a laundry on 4/2 and that's about it.

So my friends - a short posting but time to get to work and complete this move out!!!

Stay tuned - lots to follow especially once we arrive in Indiana and receive our indoctrination of our new HOME.  I think we are going to have it video taped as there is a lot of information to process and retain - especially for an OLD GUY like me.  The manufacturer actually suggested the videotape making.

My DW Melissa and I will be posting information of our journeys on our individual Blogs.  My blog address you of course already know but Melissa's is:

Both of us will be reporting on our adventures through our own eyes.  I think it will be interesting to compare and contrast my visions as compared to Melissa's.  She is more serious than I and perhaps her reports will be more accurate as I tend to LIE   whoops I mean exggerate a bit - (just a tiny bit!)  :>)

An example might be:  Melissa enjoys a foggy, rainy day and I'm sure her report will  be  both positive and expressed in a writerly manner.  Me - NOT SO MUCH - I most likey will say "Another crapolla of a rainy day today and the friggin fog is so thick I can't see the ocean - which is why we came here!!!!!"

So as I say, stay tuned ------- lots-lots-lots more to follow!!!!

JR   :>)