This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well some decisions are hard to make - however - some decisions are necessary.  I've prolonged the packing away of all my painting gear long enough!  With our upcoming move from our TINY UNIT it is time to choose a PACK-UP DATE - bite the bullet and JUST DO IT!!!!

So with that said and I just said it - Thursday 3/15 all my painting "THINGS" will be packed up and taken down to the STORAGE BUNKER!  :>(

These are tears   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the 15th of March and for the next 2 months we will be busy moving and learning HOW TO RV!!!  So I most likely will not paint again until mid May when we arrive in S. Carolina.

I will however continue to BLOG - most of which will be RV related.

Anyhoooooooo I did the food shopping this morning and then some dumb errands - that had to be done but none the less they were dumb!

Sooooooo I finished up the SEED POT painting this morning and now I shall step you thru the process.

Seed pots come in all sizes - the bigger the pot the bigger the opening in the top.  These are small seed pots most likely used for the smaller size vegetable and edible flower seeds.  As you can see, a mouse or rat or snake would not be able to invade the pot.

I jumped right into this piece - as I say this was going to be a QUICK piece perhaps
15 - 20 degrees this side of SLOPPY  - HOWEVER my MIND & HAND had other ideas and took over the process of doing this piece.  The more I got into it the less it became a QUICK - LOOSE piece.

I started out with 3 free hand shapes - at this point I want to mention that the older the seed pot - the more RUSTICITY it has.  This is not CERAMICS 101!!!!!  The older pots and many of the newer ones are HAND made - with coiled clay - not electric potter wheels to turn them - these are the REAL DEAL!!!  Therefore realize that this type are not perfect little circles - they have character and although they sit flat they do not have PERFECTION in their shape and I tried my best to present that wonderful RUSTICITY.  This once again is done in a MONOCHROMATIC presentation.

Some adjustments made in color - shape - shadows.  The light is coming from the right

Some additional adjustments in all 3 pots

OK - FORWARD----------------------------------

Time to throw in some FG and to do that magical TWEAKING that I do behind closed doors so all my secrets STAY secrets!!!  :>)

Now for some BG and SECRET TWEAKING!!!



Now for a closeup for my ATTENTIVE blog buddies

HOW HE DO DAT???????

The seed pot I have in my collection is BLACK - I love BLACK pottery a lot and in this area it is a speciality of the Santa Clara Pueblo.
Pretty much each Pueblo has their speciality - some use clay with MICA in it as this is what is in the ground on their Pueblo.
Most if not all of the clay used is hand dug from the grounds of the Pueblo where the artist resides

I hope you enjoyed this demo - it is sort of a dedication of my appreciation and love for the Hand Coiled Native American Pottery

Until next time and with 3/15 being the PACK UP DATE - we won't have many more painting demos until mid May.  :>(