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This Land is My Land


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Saturday, March 3, 2012



Well, we got some more STUFF packed into the BIG STORAGE BUNKER for long term storage and some RV STUFF packed into the SMALL STORAGE BUNKER which will be loaded into our RV upon our return to Santa Fe.

I pride myself on doing good research online but alas I think I goofed a tad on one of the researches I did regarding "Discounted RV parks."  There is a "CLUB" called PASSPORT AMERICA which offers a 50% discount on many RV parks.  We joined it and I think it was a mistake.  Once we PAID the membership fee and got the information and RV Park catalog in the mail we quickly realized that on average the discounts are indeed about 50% off, BUT most of the parks can only be used in the OFF SEASON and many, many you can only stay ONE NIGHT and most all of them will only take CASH PAYMENT!!!!  Way too many restrictions that are not presented in the literature UNTIL you join and get ALL the INFO!!  Deceptive advertising in my book.

Passport America does not fit in with our style of RV-ing which is not stopping for one night and drive all day the next day and then stop for one night ............................  This I call CRAZY RV-ING!!! 

We will be staying in one area for at least 7 nights and more often than not for at least 14 - 21 nights.  We want to experience and SEE the areas we stop in and SEEING it does not mean from the windshield at 55 MPH day after day after day.....................

We will I'm sure have some ONE NIGHT STAYS when going from one Park to another so I'm sure we will at least get our membership fee back plus some - but I can't see us re-joining next year - not our cup of tea.

We joined KOA as well and they offer 10% off PERIOD!!!!!  We will be staying in a KOA here in Santa Fe for 2 weeks when we return with our RV and got our membership fee PLUS back with this very first reservation.  NOW that is a discount!~!

When we start our westward journey in the late spring of 2013 we will also join HARVEST HOSTS - they have a list of Wineries and Farms where you can stay ( space available ) for FREE.  These places do not have hookups (water-electricity-sewer) - this is called BOONDOCKING. however our RV is self-contained with a generator - fresh water supply - septic tank and propane - so NO PROBLEM!!

Live and learn - PASSPORT AMERICA OUT FOR 2013 --- KOA and HARVEST HOSTS IN FOR 2013.

Well it is suppose to warm up on Sunday - THAT I LIKE  :>)
Until next time my friends.

JR   :>)