This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yo My Friends

WELLLLLLLL - after spending what seemed like HOURS on the phone yesterday trying to setup the disconnection of our electricity, Direct-TV, phone and WiFi
EFFECTIVE 4/1/12 and reporting that I fully expected things to be disconnected TODAY.

 I never get a comfortable feeling with "CUSTOMER SERVICE FOLKS" they do not seem to listen to you nor do they seem to understand exactly what it is you would like done nor do they even seem interested in what you are requesting.  They constantly put you on HOLD - which gives me the feeling they are asking the person beside them how to process your request!!!!  Either that or as I said yesterday they go back to reading their book - make you wait 5 minutes so it seems as tho they are working hard for your benefit!!

Today we turned on our TV and NADDA - ZILCH -ZERO  no picture - just a message to "CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE!"   OH CRAP here we go again!!!!
I asked my DW Melissa to call as I was still upset at having spent most of yesterday on the phone!

She called - explained the problem and was told - YOU GUESSED IT ---- OUR SERVICE HAD BEEN DISCONNECTED!!!!  The customer service rep my DW was talking to turned our service back on and connected Melissa with another CUSTOMER SERVICE person in order to straighten out the disconnect order.  WELLLLL DW was put on hold and after almost 10 minutes the phone called became disconnected!!! CRAP!!!

DW called back in again and spoke to another CUSTOMER SERVICE rep and explained the problem ------ this rep said she corrected the disconnect date to 4/2/12 and all should be fine!!!  Actually the disconnect date had to be 4/2/12 as they can't disconnect on a weekend day!!!!!??????!!!!!! HUH??????????

Tomorrow is Friday - any bets as to whether we have Direct-TV service tomorrow?????

We took all my painting stuff down to the small STORAGE BUNKER today and packed everything in!  With tears in my eyes we drove off with me looking out the back window of the car at the metal roll down door of the STORAGE BUNKER.  :>(

Until next time my friends - have a great day.

JR    :>)