This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hello Early Afternoon Blog Buddies,

Well today was food shopping day and errand day.  Not a lot of errands to do - Sam's club and the art store to stock up on some canvas sheets.

Today I decided that my last painting for the next approximately 6-8 weeks would be one that I throw caution to the wind, as I tend to do!  I decided I would do a monochromatic piece using all palette knife work and just let it become what it becomes - on it's own.  No influence from me in that there was no pre-planning and no concern for the exactness of form - just paint thrown with "wild abandonment"  I LOVE IT!!!!!!  :>)

Some people have asked me how I can just start throwing paint around without any pre-planned - no sketching - no concern for exactness.  Wellllll to that I say "THAT'S ME!!!"

There are times that I do some pre-planning and sketching and that's when I find that I overwork the painting and it ends up being way too detailed - for me the fun and enjoyment in painting can be summed up in three words:


If one plans out every brush stroke - every color - every palette knife swipe to me one ends up with a BORING - LIFELESS - DULL painting.  But as I say THAT'S ME!!  :>)

12 X 9 on a primed single canvas sheet


I did not take any progress photos as this was done in a time span of less than 10 minutes using bold swipes of MAC the palette knife without regard for ANYTHING - except spilling or splashing paint on the carpet!!!  :>)

I could not have this be the last painting for 6-8 weeks with out a close up for my ATTENTIVE BUDDIES


Well my friends it's time to pack up all my painting tools and put them into the small STORAGE BUNKER

I cannot see myself painting again until we reach S. Carolina - mid May - then I will be painting a lot of ocean/dune scenes plein air.
In the meantime I'll be blogging on our preparations to depart for Elkhart Indiana on 4/4 to pickup our new home.
We'll be in Elkhart for 5 days or so and then in transit back to Santa Fe to stay at an RV park for 2 weeks before beginning our Journey!

Have a great day my friends and enjoy life.

JR   :<)