This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, March 3, 2012


It is a very cold day here in Santa Fe.  When I got up at 5:30 this morning it was 15 degrees!!!  :>(  At present - 10:30am it is 21 degrees and there is a very stiff wind out there - so my guess is with a wind chill factor it feels like about 12 degrees out there!  DOUBLE  :>(    :>(

One of the biggest factors I do not like about Santa Fe is the wind!!!!  Last year the winds started on April 1 and did not stop until mid July - it is like "water-torture" it just keeps blowing and you don't even want to go outside!  You can't open your windows as dirt is blowing around.  I won't miss the winds!!!  :>)

We are packing more STUFF up today to put into storage - both long term and for the RV.  We'll bring this STUFF down to the Big and Small STORAGE BUNKERS today.  I need a couple of pairs of new jeans and will stop at JC Penny as I like their "Arizona Jeans" - they seem to last forever - I hope they still sell them.

Yesterday on the news I heard about the tornadoes in Indiana - I immediately contacted our RV Manufacturer and made sure our new HOME was safe and sound inside a strong structure!!!!  WHEW - it was inside - safe and sound!!!!

The VP of the company NEXUS ( ) told me it would be 1 -2 more weeks before completely finished and it would remain inside in the show room until we come to pick it up on 4/5.  WOO-HOO!!!!

He said the very large decal of our DREAMCATCHER LOGO has been applied to the back of the RV and looks SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!  I've requested that he DOES NOT send me a photo of the LOGO as I want my first sight of that to be in person on 4/5!!
I designed this and we had a shop in Albuquerque print up some T-shirts and sweatshirts with this logo on the backs.  I've gotten quite a few compliments on the design and just received an email from a Blog follower over in England and she asked my permission to use the dreamcatcher as a visual in some research she is doing on dreamcatchers!  She will notate credit to me for the design - how COOL is that!!!

Things will start moving very quickly now as we start the WEEK 4 count down on Monday - lots of last minute things to do - to pack - more stuff to donate and a few more things to try and sell.  We are going to donate our mattress & box spring & bed frame to the Salvation Army.  It is a nice pillow top mattress and not all that old but takes up too much room in a STORAGE BUNKER - so someone in a shelter will have a comfortable bed to sleep on.  The last 2 nights of March we will sleep on air mattresses in our TINY UNIT and then move into a nice Best Western for April 1,2,3.

So as I say a lot to do and thinking of more things each day - least we forget something!

Several of my paintings that I really do not want to store in the BIG STORAGE BUNKER are going to be displayed (for sale) in the place of business that a YOGINI friend of Melissa's has generously offered to do for us - such as nice thing to offer!!!
Most Yogini folks I've met are very kind people.  Ya gotta LOVE EM!!!!!!

Sooooooo no painting today as we are in RV PREPARATION MODE today - soooooo perhaps tomorrow - TWT!!!!!

Until next time - have a great weekend Remember what they say..........................

Well - I hope you remember because I have no idea what they say - I don't even know who they are!!!!!!

JR     :>)