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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yo My Friends

Welllll - today being Tuesday I got the laundry done - folded - put away and I got our TINY UNIT cleaned!!!

I've been putting off the phone calls to cancel out phone service - wifi - direct TV - and electricity effective 4/1.  WHY you ask???  Because it is a hassle to cancel services  compared to starting services.  You are brow beaten with sales pitches to keep the service and just transfer it - or coaxed into putting the service on hold for 6 months etc etc.  Well, I made the dreaded phone calls today and as expected they just did not understand the concept of we will not be living in a conventional home - our home will be ON WHEELS AND WE WILL BE CONSTANTLY MOVING-------------------------

After over an hour on the phone I THINK - would not bet money on it but I THINK all of our services should be cancelled as of 4/1 or 4/2.

I fully expect our electricity to be disconnected TONIGHT & our phone, wifi and TV to be disconnected 5 minutes after the lights go DARK!!!!

I'm sorry but CUSTOMER SERVICE ---- SUCKS-----  :>(

While I was going thru this torture and being put on hold every time I asked a question, I decided to multi-task - not something a person my age does as a normal course of events.  I have trouble walking straight as well as forgetting where I was going!!!

In any event while being tortured I took a few photos as well as did a painting.

These are the 6 boxes we are shipping to Elkhart Indiana with all sorts of RV goodies that we will need for our 5 day stay and our 4 - 5 day drive back to Santa Fe.  I think the RV manufacturer will think we are MOVING IN!!!!

The most important is the GPS - without it we would have to become residents of Indiana!!!  :>) 

As you can see, it really was laundry day as to the left is one of the 11 items that I did not put thru the dryer today.  Yoga clothes are not cheap - the cost of 6 or so "outfits" could almost support a 3rd world country - SOOOOO no way am I putting Yoga clothes in the dryer!!!  OH NO!!!!!!

When visiting Old Quebec City a couple of years ago ( this is our Paris - we love it ) I saw some paintings in galleries in the Old City that were "IN YOUR FACE" paintings and no care was made to make the women portrayed even close to semi-attractive.
I'm sorry but their features were exaggerated and not proportionally perfect
(pretty much like REAL PEOPLE- no Christie Brinkley here!!!!)

So I did a series of three and the expression on the face determined the title.  The series was called "ACCUSED"  Now remember this is meant to be Parisian Art - a bit different than we AMERICANOS would even consider buying.

This one is 24 x 24 on primed MDF panel
The title is:

Vous ne pouvez pas prouver une chose!


You can't prove a thing!

I have this hanging in my studio --- Why you ask???  Because I like it!!!!
Of course I like it ----- I painted it ------- and I understand the meaning and concept behind it - does anyone else like it ?????


The blank defiant stare of the eyes and the tightly puckered full lips - I love em!!!

OK - I'm getting excited - best move along!!!!!

While being tortured, I decided to do a painting - so I put the phone on speaker and jumped right into multi-tasking!
Not too many progress pictures as to me multi-tasking means doing 2 things almost at the same time.  If I tried more than 2 tasks I would have a breakdown!

9 X 12 on a sheet of primed canvas

First I throw in the sky and the contrasting horizon line

Next we need an ocean with some activity

The rest will go quickly as the "customer service rep" just came back to me and thought she had the answer but SOOOO DID NOT!!!  OK - back on hold again --- I should be able to wrap this puppy up before she comes back on the line.  I think all they do when they put you on hold is to perhaps read the newspaper or a book for 5 minutes then check back to see if you hung up disguested!!!



Hope you enjoyed this demo - I'm still on hold and I'm not going to hang up!!!!!

Enjoy the day my friends - until next post and perhaps my last painting for about 2 months!!!     :>( 

JR    :>)