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This Land is My Land


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Morning Blog Buddies

Sun is out the sky is blue BUT--------------- according to the weather weenies we have a storm coming in and the wind is going to pick up this afternoon with 50-60 MPH gusts and Sunday - Monday - Tuesday into Wednesday we will have rain and snow showers.

It will be interesting to see what really happens as the weather forecasters in the Southwest do not have a very good batting average when it comes to forecasting the weather.

The wind in Santa Fe as I've mentioned in the past becomes very irritating to most as it seems to start mid March and can run into July!!!!!  The biggest problem with the wind at this time of the year is the blowing around of the POLLEN!!!!  This starts the season for anti-histamines FULL TIME!!!!!

While living in Maine I had a lot of sinus problems and headaches as Maine can be a very rainy climate - at times it seems from spring well into and through the summer.

After moving to Arizona, all these problems disappeared and I was GOLDEN for several years.  Unfortunately with the very, very dry air in the SW - over time, nasal membranes get dried out and saline solutions become necessary.  Also what happens - it takes about 3 -4 years for the allergens to invade ones body so allergies to the various "flora bunda" does not start immediately - but alas they do find you!

So me thinkith no matter what part of the country - the weather can raise havoc with ones body.

That said - and I just said it - I cannot remember any body afflictions while in Aruba during our 20 years of visits and no problems in La Paz Mexico Hmmmmmmmmm!

Well I'll pop an anti-histimine when and as needed and soon we'll be in many different parts of the country and one can only hope that the local allegens wil not have time to catch up with us.

I think the secret is to keep moving.................

Which reminds me of a friend back in Massachusetts.

We were stuck in a huge Boston traafffic jam - He being a local in the Boston area new all the back roads and alleyways.  So the next thing I know he pulls out of traffic and heads down an alley way along Boston Harbor.  I said "Al why are you doing this - it is not going to get us to our destination any quicker - and may in fact take longer!"
Al looked me square in the face and said "As long as you are moving - you are going some place!"  OKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!?????????!

Well my friends - we decided not to go to lunch today - "Save the money - save the calories!"  So we shall have a nice quiet morning and perhaps take a nice walk (if the wind is not too bad) and just enjoy one anothers company today!

Take care my friends - until next time.

JR   :>)