This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, March 16, 2012

Good Morning

Yo Blog Buddies,

Not a busy day today - my DW Melissa is going to a Yoga class at 11am so I will do some proof reading of the first few chapters of the sequel to her novel The Christmas Village.

After her yoga we will do some more packing of STUFF to be stored in the large STORAGE BUNKER - which will not be going into the RV.  I've reserved a small U-haul truck for 3/28 at which time we will move out the rest of our belongings - some into the small RV STORAGE BUNKER and most of it into the large STORAGE BUNKER.  Also on 3/29 the Salvation Army will arrive as we are donating our pillow top mattress and box spring and bed frame and a reclining chair to them.  There is just not enough room in the large STORAGE BUNKER to store these items.  We will sleep on nice thick air mattresses until we move out on 3/31.

Sooooo I think I've got all our ducks in a row and on 3/31 we move into the local Best Western Plus for a 3 day stay.

There will be lots of last minute packing and just throwing STUFF into a box and we'll deal with that STUFF when we return from Indiana with our new home.  WOO-HOO!!!

Well, that's it for this morning - NO PAINTING TODAY - the first day of my of not being able to paint - I HOPE I CAN GET THRU IT!!!!!  :>(

Have a great day and enjoy the upcoming weekend - enjoy life - go out and have some fun!!!!!  There are a couple of local restaurants we want to go to for lunch B4 we depart Santa Fe and today or tomorrow we just may go to one of them!!!

My diet has gone just a tad off, in that I got down to150 but have since put 2 pounds back on - when I sit down and rationalize this, I realize that once we get out on the road and are paying $4 - $5 per gallon for gas and only getting 6-8 miles per gallon - we won't have much money for food so the diet and any extra weight gain will take care of itself!!! 
JR   :>)