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This Land is My Land


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Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday 12/21/12

Howdie my blog buddies,

Well my followup visit with my new DR yesterday went quite well.  Three weeks ago they drew like 7 tubes of blood from me and sent it off to Framingham Massachusetts to be analyzed through a process called the Boston System.  This is a very expensive testing process and I'm just hoping Medicare will pay for it!!!!!

I passed with flying colors and most of my readings were in the "OPTIMAL" level!!!!!!  WOO-HOO.  The DR was very pleased and pretty much guaranteed me that I should live long enough to leave his office!! :>)
There are no guarantees in life - my father went to the DR for a compete check up and an EKG.  The Dr told him it was the best check up and EKG in many years.  The next morning sadly he dropped dead at the breakfast table. True story - now you can see why I don't like or trust DR's!!!!!!

The DR. did find a PRE-cancerous growth on the top of my head.  It's been there for several years so I decided to have him look at it.  All along I've been thinking it was part of my brain!!!!!   :>)  He is going to remove it through a freezing process - it will take about 4 treatments.  He assured me it would not hurt!!!!
YA!!!!!! RIGHT!!!!

When I was in the Air Force in Alaska I started getting warts on my hand.  They used liquid oxygen  to "burn" them off.  The last 5 I had burnt off the hospital had no Novocaine on hand so they strapped my hand down - in addition a medic held my arm/hand down and the DR (butcher) burnt them off.  This was back in 1960 and the military could do whatever they wanted to do - we had no rights!!!!!

See why I don't like or trust doctors!!!!!!1

I was pretty happy with the results of my tests.  My blood pressure was a tad high but that will easily be corrected once we get into the condo and a healthy diet as well as more exercise is in place - as I said VACATION IS OVER!!!!!

Well take care my friends and enjoy the day.

JR     :>)