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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yo buddies,

Well, I did a check on the page views on my blog and for the week of 12/10, there were 422 page views.  Not too bad - down somewhat from past history.  Although I'm not doing much " RV travel " related blogging, I'm not doing much painting blogging either.  Sooooo it is still too early to tell what the impact will be due to our stopping the RV journey.

One has to assume that people follow a bog because they are interested in the subject being written about.  For the past 9 months my blog has been about RV-ing and painting - mostly about RV-ing and now it will switch over to mostly about painting.  This certainly does narrow down the target audience not that it is important - however it is nice to know that people are interested in your blog for its content.  I read several blogs by other people and it's solely because I'm interested in the content presented and what I may  be able to learn from the presentation of interesting information.

I try to put a bit of ( my ) humor into my writing as well as information that perhaps some viewers can find of  benefit.  In the past I wrote several "painting" articles for an "Acrylic" web site so I may venture back into that avenue as well.

Some viewers have asked if I will now try to be represented in a gallery and sell my paintings.  That certainly remains an issue that is up in the air - and where it lands - I have no idea.  The economic disaster that certain politicians bestowed upon the majority of American citizens turned the sale of most art work into a non existent function of our society.  People ( other than collectors ) are not buying art work - lots of people are not buying food and medical needs and - and- and - and-  You get the picture!!!

There is a lot of work and EXPENSE to exhibiting ones work in a gallery - just the process of trying to get accepted in a gallery of notable presence can be a very difficult task as well as a disheartening experience.

At present I paint for MY enjoyment which means I do not spend money on frames - on advertising and other marketing tools.  On occasion I sell a painting or two off my blog but mostly they pile up and get stored and every 6 months or so I weed out the ones that really are not "KEEPERS" and they contribute to the local recycle program.  I can also paint what ever I want in what ever style I want as I do not have to worry about what s "IN" and what the public is looking for.  Truth be told it is much more pleasurable to paint for pleasure rather then to "paint on demand for sales."  Especially when John Q. Public is not buying art work and most likely will not until the economy does a turn around which I suspect will be many - many years if certain politicians have their ways.
Soooooo as far as gallery participation - who the hell knows is my best answer.   :>)    

Wellllllll I think this may be the most BORING blog entry I've written in a long time and that is not the object of a blog.  So before I lose any additional blog buddies I shall close quickly.

JR      :>)