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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Morning

Yo my friends,

Well today 12/5 I drive back to Miami and pick up my DW Melissa - this makes me VERY - VERY happy!!!!   :>) 

It's been a LONG 10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :>(   

It's a 3 hour drive straight down Alligator Alley - a straight highway through the Everglades although all you can see is vegetation on the sides of the road - BORING!!!!!!!!

I've done a few more paintings but I'm unable to load them up - the WiFi here is spotty at best and I'm beginning to think they have blocked the downloading of pictures.  More folks have arrived here for the winter so I expected the WiFi to deteriorate with the increase in traffic.

Well, we will now start making plans on how we get our RV back to Nexus in Elkhart Indiana.  We met a real nice fellow - Rodney - the cousin of the President of Nexus and Rodney drives RVs to RV shows for Nexus.  Well, he is coming to Tampa delivering an RV for the Tampa show so we are going to talk to him over the next day or so and see what he would charge to drive our RV from Tampa to Elkhart Indiana.

We really do not feel like driving it back to Indiana ourselves as there is a lot of sadness in having to  making the decision to stop RV-ing altogether - I liken it to having to take your pet to the Vets to be put down.

We had a cat that I did not like one bit as he was not a very nice cat - sort of a mean thing and eventually he needed to be put down.  :>)  ----- I took him to the vet and I have to say that I cried like a school child!!!!  SEE I'm not all that GRUMPY!!!

Anyhow the decision to stop RV-ing is well thought out and necessary but the taking away of the RV is best done by someone else!!!!

Our days will now be busy getting the RV ready to transport as well as figuring out what we need for the condo we will be moving into on Jan. 1 - so many trips to the consignment shops are in order.  In this economy there is a lot of good used furniture that can be had at very reasonable prices!!!

We still have a bunch of "STUFF" back in a 10 x 10 storage bunker in NM but have decided for the time being to leave it there.  Our furnishings in the condo will be minimal but appointed with a few well chosen consignment pieces.  We need to get a good mattress and box spring and a flat screen 32"  TV - these items will be new.

So a new journey and new adventure will begin for us and we will hit the road running and approach this journey with the same in your face determination that we have faced all the journeys in our life together.

Over the next few weeks, I will be making some minor changes to the format of my Home Blog Page to take out the "RV" element and get back into the "painting" theme of posting.  I've been painting for 18 years now and over that period I have stopped painting for short periods and for one longer period of about 4 months.  I'm feeling a need or a desire to slow down my painting production and perhaps do some more "experimental artistic growing" - so if my paintings or posting dwindles a tad it will be done with a purpose in mind. 

Sooooo a few "around the RV" chores to do before I leave for Miami.  have a great day my friends.

JR    :>)