This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Yo buddies,

I did some calculating from the statistics I get regarding my blog.  I average 60 - 70 page views per day - it will interesting to see how these views are impacted by my departure from RV-ing.
Most of the viewers are from the USA but I have several from Australia, Lebanon, India, Nova Scotia, Ireland, England, Spain, Germany.

The most I've had in one month was 2738 page views.

I have been toying with the idea of writing some articles on:

 "Full time RV-ing---A learning curve."

 Melissa and I have discussed being co-authors on this as she is the writer in the family but my thoughts could be translated by her - and coupled with her thoughts and perhaps after she re-writes my thoughts the articles would make sense and be of value to those starting out.
I did a lot of preparation for our RV journey - never having NEVER even been in an RV until about 1 year before we ordered ours.

Some folks thought we were CRAZY!!!!!  Selling our home and hitting the road in a 31' foot RV consisting of about 210 square feet.  Well lots of folks said they would like to do that but------------
Well, we did it and it was one Hell of a journey and we come out of it much better for the little bit of "wear" and we came out of it with a life time of memories - most of which most people will never get to experience.  Soooooo I think we might just have some valuable if not humorous information to pass on to RV VIRGINS.

Just a thought - time will tell.

In the meantime getting ready for our next adventure is under way and moving into a luxury condo with 2,400+ square feet will be very interesting!!!!!  I figure we'll be able to take our daily walks INSIDE the condo!!!!!   :>)      It is more than 10 TIMES the floor space of our RV home for the past 9 months WOW!!!!!!!!!

All sorts of new adventures on the horizon plus our location in FL is a good jumping off point for some "CAR" ADVENTURES back to places we really - really enjoyed in our RV.
South Carolina - Tennessee - Texas - Kentucky and others.

We of course plan a full examination of the Florida Keys!!!!!

Soooooo busy-busy-busy!!!!!!  I know this is what keeps me young - YA GOTTA get out there and enjoy your surroundings and YES - take some adventures to find and enjoy new destinations or previous ones that brought a lot of joy into your life.  Sitting around the "hometown" seeing the same people over and over again - going to the same places over and over again you can very easily end up with BUTT ROT!!!!!  TRUST ME ---- it can happen - it does happen!  Just saying----

We ended up going to Juan Ponce de Leon Park - the day turned out to be a real nice day - not too hot - some sun and some clouds all in all very enjoyable!

Some of the scenes from the Park:

There is a bird sanctuary within the park and all kinds of birds fly in and out - this one decided to walk right past my chair!

Some beautiful cloud/ocean photos which will be used for some paintings in the near future

Well, not sure what we will do on Sunday but I'm sure we will find something interesting to do.  Melissa is taking a yoga class in the morning and then we shall see what to do!!!

Later my friends

JR    :>)