This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well------ today we relocated to a new site within this same RV Park.  We'll be able to stay in our RV until we move into the condo and then merely store the RV on this sight until 1/20 at which time we drive it to Tampa and then it will be driven to Elkhart IN  - we have hired a driver to do this - the cousin of the President of Nexus. We've met him several times and trust him completely.

Before moving into the new space, we will take the RV to the gas station near us and fill up the tank!!! Gas is down to $3.15/gallon for regular unleaded so e want to jump on it now as we are almost on empty!!!!  A 55 gallon tank even at $3.15 is quite expensive to fill.  The Winn-Dixie grocery store we shop at has a point system based on what you spend for groceries, which gives you a discount on Shell gas - the last time we used some of these points we only had to pay $2.70 per gallon!!!!!  Quite a nice program.

Melissa went to yoga class so I'm doing "getting ready to move" chores inside and outside the RV so when she comes home we can finish up and head to the gas station.

A beautiful day today although come Friday a cold front is headed this way and they predict the lows will be down into the mid 40's overnight and the day time into the mid 60's - this is suppose to take place during the next couple of days and over the weekend and then back up into the high 70's - low 80's for Christmas!!

  That's what I'm talking about!!

We are in a rather "tight space" here right now so to get out will require a lot of backing up - pulling forward - backing up - pulling forward to get out - I may even have to ask some people to move their cars.  Melissa acts as my eyes and lets me know if I'm too close to anything - like palm trees and building overhangs.  A 31 foot RV in a tight space is not the easiest thing to maneuver!!!!  There is a palm tree beside us and behind us as well as a building behind us and an overhang on the passenger side.  I have a bit of dyslexia and my hearing ain't what it use to be so we used walkie-talkies when we first started out.   However - Melissa was always yelling NO YOUR OTHER RIGHT or I SAID STOP!!!!!  So now we use the side mirrors and we keep eye contact at all times and she uses hand motions to direct me.  ( Sometimes the hand motion is with just one finger!!!!!! )  I've taken that to mean STOP!!!!!!!   :>) 

Well she should be home pretty soon so I best be getting me skates on and finish my chores and preparations to move it on out!!!!  :>)

JR       :>)