This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Well, as I mentioned we will be moving to a new space on Jan 1. within the RV park.

We had planned on renting that space for 5 days and then putting the RV into storage until we drive it down on Jan 20. to Tampa and deliver it to the driver who will drive it to Elkhart IN, to the NEXUS showroom.

In talking to the Park Manager, she is going to let us stay in the new space that we move into on Jan 1 and stay there until Jan 20th.  We'll pay a daily rate for Jan. 1 - Jan. 5 and then since we will not be living in the RV, the manager is not going to charge us anything to just keep it there for the next 15 days!  They are such wonderful people here!!!

We will start living in our condo on or about Jan 3 - 4 and then up until Jan 20 we will be moving stuff out of the RV into the condo - that should take about 2 - 3 days because our car does not hold a lot.  We could rent a U-haul Van but we have about 15 days to do the moving so why bother!!!  Well, maybe we will re-think the U-haul van :>)

We found this really great Yoga studio that Melissa has been going to and yesterday she had an interview to be an instructor at the studio!!!!!  Melissa is a Certified Yoga Instructor and taught at a studio in Santa Fe New Mexico while we lived there for 5 years.  So she is very excited to be getting back into teaching and very happy that we found a studio right here in Punta Gorda.  Everything seems to be falling into place for us here.  I was thinking today that as each day passes, I really-really like it here.  Lots to do - lots to see and it has a very comfortable feeling to it!  It feels like home.

We had a similar feeling in Charleston SC but once we arrived here we could tell this was a place to stop.  The other deciding factor was the winters are much warmer here as compare to Charleston.  The older you get, the warmer the winter becomes very important - trust me this you will come to realize!!!!   :>)

Well - food shopping today and perhaps Juan Ponce de Leon Park afterwards!!!!

Later my friends.

JR      :>)