This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hello my blog buddies,

Well yesterday we tried to move to another site again - again - again.  We were told the electrical problems had been corrected.  So we tried and we failed.  The voltage coming in from the pedestal was only 108A.  This is hardly enough to support a coffee pot let alone A/C - and a coffee pot!!!!  So we went to the manager's office and told her the sad news.  She could not believe it!!!!  Well, as luck would have it she had just gotten a cancellation on a real nice site sort of reserved for the bigger Class A folks and we are now settled into that site as snug as bugs and enjoying our last 5 - 6 day of RV-ing!!!

Yes, 1/1/13 we start to empty the RV and move into the condo.  We will be living in an area of Punta Gorda called PGI - Punta Gorda Iles.  A very, very nice area consisting of sort of upscale homes on canals which lead out to the open ocean - each with a boat of some sort, as well as a lot of upscale condo complexes - some have docks for boats as well!!!!  Most of the "docks" are equipped with LIFTS that lift the boats out of the water about a foot or two when not in use and then when getting ready to use the boat the lift brings the boat back down into the water and OFF YOU GO!!!   This keeps the maintenance to the bottom of the boat to a minimum as well as safer during possible strong winds from tropical storms and hurricanes.  Brilliant EH!!!1

We overslept this morning so Melissa had to rush out the door to get to her Yoga class on time.  I'm just enjoying my morning coffee and some yogurt and a Trader Joe's fig breakfast bar - Hmmmmmmmm GOOD!

Well my friends - enjoy the day and soon it will be another long weekend for most of you I assume and then the start of a New Year.  On that note Melissa and I wish you all a Happy - Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!

On my last birthday - May - we were in Charleston SC - a place that we really-really liked and actually considered settling down there.  So perhaps in May of 2013 we will return to Charleston for a few days and I will have another birthday lunch at a restaurant called Magnolias which had the very most delicious food and atmosphere and of course that unmistakable Southern politeness and charm!  It is only 553 miles from Punta Gorda.  This time we would be in our car and stay a few nights at a nice Charleston hotel within the city confines.  It is a beautiful city!!!

See - I'm already planning some journeys for us!!!!!!!   :>)

Later Dudes,

JR       :>)