This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday 12/13/12

YO my blog buddies,

Well it looks like the weather is clearing up a bit with the showers moving out and sun and 80's back into our area until mid next week - can't ask for more that that - unless you ask for a trust fund!!!!   :>)
Not much doing today - I guess it will be sort of a sit around perhaps paint and/or read.

Yesterday we stopped by the 2 consignment shops looking for some bargains as we need lamps and end tables.  Found a couple of lamps and a couple of end tables but the end tables we felt were over priced.
After being in the shop for 30 days the price is reduced by 10% and then an additional 10% every 30 days until it reaches 50% off and the item does not go any lower than that.  So we will check back and see if they are still there once the 30 day point is reached which is in another week.  This would save us about $25 on the two end tables.

Starting to get excited abut the condo and the wonderful amenities offered - beautiful pool - nice workout center which will be good as we both have slowed down on our exercise - although we do a lot of walking.

Across the street is the entrance to Juan Ponce de Leon Park which we just love and that will present a nice walking area as well as sitting on the beach area and plein air painting area.  It is really beautiful there.
When we first got to Punta Gorda our friends Nancy & Wayne told us about this park so we went to it and fell in love with the location.. We saw Vivante which is the name of the condos - one of which we move into and said "WOW!!!!!  I'd like to live there!!!!!"  Little did we know we would be!!!!  Funny how things work out.

Well enough jibber/jabber - take care my friends and enjoy the world!!!!!

JR    :>)