This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Good Morning my good buddies


Well ----- yesterday Saturday 12/8 we went shopping for the basics we will need for the condo.  Some of the stuff we got was new and some of it came from two real nice consignments shop here in Punta Gorda.

We have the basics to setup our condo for living IE:  bed - mattress - lamps - 2 nice comfy living room chairs - coffee table - a dining set with 4 chairs ( it's called a PUB set) which size wise is in between a bistro set height and a normal table height.  really cool!!

We now need a TV - saw the one we want at Sam's club. a 42" Vizio and we need a vacuum cleaner and some furniture for the screened in lanai.  The set for the lanai can wait for a while.  For the time being the pub set can be moved out onto the lanai when needed.

What about our furniture in the storage bunker in New Mexico???????????     Well, when you figure the cost to go get it and bring it down here, it was cheaper to go buy some here!!!!!!  At some point maybe this summer we will return to Santa Fe and reduce the amount stored so we can get a smaller storage bunker and  we will most likely move the Santa Fe stuff down to here towards the end of our lease.

Well my friends my cousin and his wife who live in Prescott AZ are in Florida for a vacation and are coming to Punta Gorda today to visit us.  We;ll go out for a nice lunch and chat the day away.  My cousin Paul and his wife Deloris are really great people and we have a real good time when we get together,

Have a great Sunday and enjoy your day.

JR   :>)