This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday 12/11/12

Yo my friends,

Well on Monday morning we went to Sam's Club and got a 42" flat screen TV.  We were going to get a Vizio but found a Sony Bravia  42" for only $25 more than the 42" Vizio.  We had a Sony Bravia for 12 years and sold it when we left Santa Fe.  Not so much as a burp during 12 years so we got another one!!!

We also picked up a vacuum cleaner and this afternoon we ordered Direct TV and Internet for installation on 1/2/13.  We called the consignment places and set up for pickup and delivery on 1/2/13.  So I guess 1/2/13 will be a very busy day!!!

During the time frame of 1/1 through 1/5, we transfer all our belongings from the RV into our condo and on 1/6 we will put our RV into storage and start living in the condo.  On 1/15/13 we drive the RV to Tampa FL where there is a week long RV show.  Nexus will try to sell the RV during this show and if it does not sell, it will be driven back to Elkhart Indiana placed in the Nexus showroom on a consignment program.

Well------- there is no denying it - RV-ing is going to stop for us - I have to say I am very - very sad.  I'm working very hard to accept this as I know there are valid reasons as to why we need to stop RV-ing - however acceptance is not as easy as it may sound to some folks.  Will I miss RV-ing - YES - on a daily basis.  We are moving into a wonderful condo in a resort setting and which I'm sure in time will lessen the void of RV-ing as there will be other journeys and adventures that will be coming our way and these too will be the source of many wonderful memories.  We are very fortunate to have taken our RV journey and we are very fortunate to have what we'll have when that journey officially ends.

I plan on continuing my blog although when I sit down now to write a post I really have to think and think of something to say.  My blog has never been a blog that my followers comment on which has always amazed me as I get a tremendous number of page views every month. More so over the past 8 months since RV-ing and posting photos so I really have to wonder what the traffic will be when I revert back to only posting and talking about painting.  I tend to think that I will loose quite a few of my followers who enjoyed only the RV portion of my posts.  There just is not a lot of excitement in painting so time will tell I guess and I'll see what happens over the next few months.

Last night we had quite a heavy rain storm - torrential heavy rain fell for quite a long while.  I did not like it at all but I'm happy to say that I held my own against my "FEAR OF RAIN" and did not panic.  In the condo we are moving into, we have 2 very large walk-in closets so if need be I can retreat into one and read a book during these tropical storms,  I hope to overcome this fear - time will tell!!!!

Take care my friends - enjoy your day - and remember "He who hesitates is in doubt."

JR     :>)