This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday 2/8/13

Yo my blog buddies,

Welllll - Melissa is teaching yoga again this morning so I will once again throw paint at my easel!
I think I'm starting to get a rhythm to my looseness now and am finding it less constraining to be slapping on the paint with lots of gusto and less thinking.  I hate to think - it gives me a headache!!!!!  :>)
The more you think when painting the tighter the painting becomes and the more thought you have to put into color selection the more "mud" you make.  So you might say I'm a thoughtless painter!!

Today I plan on doing a small one on 7 x 5 canvas panel - I don't like working this small but I'm starting to run out of larger canvas panels and cash is low right now so buying any is out of the question.  I have a birthday coming up in May and I think I'm going to ask my DW Melissa for a supply of canvas panels for a present.  If I had the money and the space, I would work on 48 x 36 gallery wrapped canvas all the time - I would also use much bigger brushes and I would use sheet rock trowels for palette knives.

But alas - that is but a dream!

My left ankle has started to swell and hurt - I think I may be coming down with another bout with the gout!!!  I hope not as it is really painful and lasts about 3 weeks - CRAP!!!!

Sooooo off to my little piece of studio space I go and I hope to return with something worthwhile to show youse guys-----------------------------------------------------------