This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013



Well - Melissa is teaching yoga this morning so I figured I would generate a semi-abstract painting.

After all is said and done, it did not turn out as SEMI-ABSTRACT as I had hope BUT that said - and I just said it - this is a beginning of a new avenue for me and I'm sure it will take time to develop.

This was done with a palette knife and HUMONGOUS blobs and globs of thick juicy paint applied with gusto and all caution was set aside as well as attention to strokes.  This was totally the art of FLINGING paint onto the canvas with not a goal in mind as to the color or content of the painting.

My motto is "sometimes the best laid plans of man are not worth the time or effort"  I like to jump in and let my emotions control the flow of the painting.

Soooooooo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

11 x 14 on canvas panel - painted wet into wet - alla prima with a very high degree of gusto and vigor.  For those of you who do not like very loose and borderline semi abstract - you may be excused today.   :>)


OK - Let's begin - first I start with a blank canvas panel that I have indicated where the horizon line will be and the shore line

Next I throw in the sky

Very quickly and with efficiency of strokes, I "DUMP" in the clouds and the beginning of the ocean - you can see the palette knife marks - I love this!!!!!! 

I now put in the rest of the ocean with that unmistakable Gulf of Mexico green 

I now toss in some indications of waves as well as the reflection of some of the clouds 

With palette knife loaded with paint I toss in the palm trunk.  I decided to do a single palm as an indication of the strength of these trees in what can be some pretty adverse conditions. 
Also in a painting the COI (center of interest) with a vertical orientation gives the painting strength.

When you look at the next photo I'm sure you will exclaim


Next I toss in some palm fronds

Detail of the base of the palm trunk

OK - time for some "housekeeping" issues - a tweak here and a tweak there and a sandy beach - some cast shadows etc etc -- YOU KNOW, all those things that I will never show you how I do them as I have been sworn to secrecy. 



More of this style of painting is forth coming - however I shall try to develop more of a semi-abstract appearance then this one.  I consider this a good beginning but not yet where i want to be in this semi-abstract process.

Until next time my friends - enjoy the day - say hello and smile at a few people you pass by today and come the end of the day you will feel happier.

JR      :>)