This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Good morning my friends,

Well, yesterday afternoon I made my rendition of Mexican meatloaf.  You could call it Mexican or Spanish meatloaf - I refer to it as Mexican because I use Mexican and southwest spices in it as well as salsa and olives with pimentos.  It is juicy as just melts in your mouth.  We get about 3 meals out of it and one of those is with mashed potatoes and of course 1 is in the form of a meatloaf sandwich which is so much better then a hamburger!!!

We sat around - Melissa worked on our taxes and we watched the golf match from the TPC in Scottsdale AZ.  We lived in Scottsdale AZ for 7 years and the first year we lived there we went to the golf match and followed our golf hero Phil Mickelson around for the whole day!!!
What a thrill!!!!  I do not play golf but I love to watch it - I can't sit through 4 quarters of football or 9 innings of baseball BUT 18 holes of golf I can sit through we ease!!!

It was quite cool again this morning( 52 ) as the cold front is still over us - low 70's during the day with nice sunny weather in the mid to upper 70's forecast for the weekend and all of next week.  The weather is just glorious here - Yaaaaaaaa I know we'll get some heavy rain storms, winds etc. etc but for now we will bask in the gloriousness ( a new word!!) of our weather

Melissa will run me through my yoga session this morning to loosen up my ailing hips and then perhaps some painting.  Once it warms up later this afternoon we will most likely go to Juan Ponce de Leon park and sit on the beach and relax.  Seems like we do a lot of relaxing EH!!!!!!

Take care my friends - a special hello to  a blog buddy Louise who is in Elkhart Indiana at the Nexus factory ordering her 2013 Nexus RV - WOO - HOO Louise!!!!!!!



JR      ;.)