This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The last of the tears

Yo my friends,

Well, the last of the goodbye tears regarding our RV has arrived.  We received word yesterday that our RV has been sold and will be picked up on 2/13/2013.

Very sad to have the RV journey end sooner than anticipated but we are getting nicely settled into Punta Gorda and our condo and other things have already started to take the place of RV-ing.  Some people still ask if I miss RV-ing and my answer is still "Only when I think about it."  Next they ask how often do you think about it?  My answer is still "DAILY."  This will pass and we both have heads full of wonderful memories.

However when we win the lotto - I AM GOING TO BUY A BOAT!!!!!!!

Melissa is teaching 2 yoga classes this morning so I shall throw some paint at my easel and hope it lands on the canvas and becomes a painting!!!!

Have a great day.

JR      :>)